Todays Top Five

So this weeks top five comes to you a day late because life got a bit manic yesterday!

We all know how expensive having kids can be, they want the latest gadgets, they want to go this club and that group, can they see the latest film and they really need those new shoes.  Add to that paying for the weekly home ed groups and sometimes finding the money for it all gets a little overwhelming.

Cue this top five.

The Top Five Places to Visit with Children For FREE!!!!  So grab your picnic and come for an adventure.

  1.  The Park –  Every child of every age can enjoy the park, there are things for all ages.  Park equipment has come a long way since our days.  There is far more there than a couple of swings, a slide and a roundabout.  Don’t get me wrong they are still there and still loved but they come alongside zip wires and monkey bars, outdoor gym equipment and lateral climbing walls and who can forget the water splash areas.  Get a nice warm day, even a not so warm one and the kids can spend hours in those places.DSCF7722
  2. The Forest – I am sure most of us can find a woodland or a forest close by.  We are lucky enough to live in Robin Hoods county and so we have Sherwood Forest on our doorstep.  The possibilities are endless when in the forest.  You can walk, climb trees, build dens, play hide and seek, forage, geocache (I will do a further post on this soon for those that are muggles!), bug hunt, meditate, bird watch, identify trees and try to age them and of course you can picnic.PICT0610
  3. The Library – Often over looked but the local library makes a great outing.  We can often be found in there having a little peruse.  For book lovers of course it is amazing but there are also DVDs, CDs, computer games and audio books on loan.  Most libraries hold free story times, song times and craft times depending on the ages of the children.  We have also accessed free workshops for older children through our such as robot making, balloon modelling, family scrap book and more.  Not to mention many opportunities for meeting authors and watching plays.
  4. Museums – Many museums now are free, I’m not talking big attraction type places but many of the others are. My boys love our local museum, they love the Victorian schoolroom, I love the social history room.  They offer lots of free childrens activities there too.  Then there are the bigger place such as the Railway Museum York and the Science Museum in London.  Art Galleries come under this too, we spend nearly a whole day in one in Birmingham.  Get out there and find something that appeals to you.
  5. The Beach – Ok this one is pushing it for free as we all know those ice creams will be inevitable but still the actual time on the beach is free.  You can paddle, swim, jump waves, build  sandcastles, go rock pooling, play any number of games (we usually take quoits, Frisbee, boulle, scatch and football) and fly kites.  The sandwiches may get sandy, you may get windswept but a day at the beach is still a good day.DSCN1982

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