Todays Top 5

  After looking last week at what would make our home ed life easier I thought I would look at the good points of it. This top five is going to look at my top five perks of home education.

  1. I don’t have to share my boys with the school.  When the boys were in school I lived for the holidays, I hated the start of the new term and weekends weren’t long enough.  The school got the best of my boys during the day.  When they came home to me they were tired and grumpy.  More often than not I then had to try and get them to do ‘homework’, we did not get enough time together to enjoy as ours.  We sure do now, we get to be together as much as we want, just like when they were younger and it is one of my favourite things about home ed.
  2. They can follow their own interests which helps to grow their interests.  It also gives them more confidence in themselves and makes them happier. Gone are the days of ‘this is your topic, this is what you must learn’.  Here are the days of ‘you want to know how they make marbles? Lets look that up’, ‘you want to learn about moths? lets make a moth trap and go to the library for some books’, ‘you want to learn bushcraft? Lets go to a really wild camp’.  Anywhere their minds take them is the path we can follow.
  3. We don’t have to have a stressful morning routine.  When we get up we have time to eat breakfast together because I am not having to pack up lunches at the same time.  The boys have the time to care for their animals themselves rather than others having to do it for them.  I don’t have to shout at them to get dressed because if they are not ready at 8.30 it is not the end of the world.  If they do have to be ready to be out of the house they generally are because it is to do something they want to do, like climbing or forest group.  
  4. We get to enjoy lots of days out and lots of family time.  With a Daddy that works 4 days on, 4 days off we had times when the boys didn’t see him because he was working the weekend, now no matter where those days off fall we can do something as a family.  We spend more quality time together and we can make the most of those days by going places that are a lot quieter than at the weekends.
  5. I can learn alongside them or pass on my knowledge to them.  Sometimes when I am doing things they may come and ask me about it and sometimes they ask questions, want to learn how and so I teach them.  Sometimes their interests are nowhere near mine and so we try and find out together what it is they want to know and so we all learn.  I do believe we all carry on learning for all our lives, after all the old adage goes ‘you learn something new every day’.  Through choosing home ed we all get to do this together!!

So what are your top 5 perks to home ed?

What would you add to the list?

I’m sure we must all enjoy different aspects, this is just my view.


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