Today’s Top Five

  I was thinking today as I stood doing a job I hate and find little time for how it would be easier if I didn’t have to do it.  This train of thought led me to my ‘top five things that would make our home ed life easier’. Catchy title don’t you think??

  1. Cleaner/ironer.  – I don’t have the time to spend stood ironing all the time. And cleaning takes me away from the children. Having someone to do these for me would make for a much happier me!
  2. Chef – when we have spent all day out of the house be it at groups, in visits or just out exploring the world it would be lovely to come home to the meal all ready instead of having to start to cook. As a stand in for having a chef I say thank goodness for slow cookers!  
  3. Space – space to store all those educational materials I acquire. Space to store all the things Panda and Tiger create. Space to have a creative room. Space, lots and lots of space. 
  4. Money – I’m not talking lotto win money (though obviously that would be nice) but money to join in all the groups, activities and trips without having to pick and choose. 
  5. A teaching assistant – someone who got ready what you needed for that random activity the boys decide they want to do just as I’m in the middle of cooking dinner because the chef didn’t show up again!!  Someone to organise the work they do into folders. And someone to share a cuppa with at break times. 

What are your thoughts on my list?

  Do you have a similar list? 

Or does yours look completely different?

 Do tell me what you would add to the list. Hope you all have a great week!!


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