Foraging good fun


I love elderflower cordial. 

I don’t love the price of it in the shops. 

To solve the problem I decided to make my own.   First step find elderflower that is not next to the road, I didn’t want polluted cordial!!

To that end a friend came to the rescue and let me have some from her tree which is right at the bottom of the garden away from the traffic.  The boys loved picking the flowers off and in no time at all we had a bagful. 

Then it was home to sort start making. First job was to put the ingredients into the pan. The elderflowers were removed from the main stalk and lemons were zested and sliced into te big pot. This was then covered in water. I have no measurements for you as it was just a case of chuck it all together!!!

After steeping for three days I then drained the liquid through a teatowel which left us with a teatowel full of flowers and lemons and a bowl of liquid. 

The liquid then went back in the pan with a bagful of sugar. This was heated carefully for the sugar to dissolve and the liquid to become more syrupy. 

My carrier bagful of raw ingredients made 4 bottles of cordial and so I shall be found in the garden in the sunshine with an elderflower cordial by my side. 


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