A Scouting Kind of Life

Years ago when Panda was still at school he chose to join Beaver Scouts with his friend. He really enjoyed it and gaining badges really helped to boost his confidence. 

Since then we have slowly become a family of scouters. This has been a slow development. First step was panda went up to Cub Scouts. Second step I offered to help out during a couple of activities and from there I was slowly reeled in until I too was wearing a uniform and necker!!  I made that sound like a bad thing, in reality I love it. 

In time Tiger started at Beaver Scouts too and around this time I asked the hubby to help at one of our Cub camps. The camp was a great success and I barely recognised the hubby who turned from a man with little patience with groups of children into a man who was thoroughly enjoying their company and having a great time working through the activities we had planned for at camp.  So yes you guessed it he too now has a uniform and a necker!!

We find it is great for us as a family as it means we are spending time together mostly in the fresh air. For us adults we enjoy being able to give something back to the community and seeing the children grow in confidence from when they first join us to when they are ready to leave is to go to Scouts.  

For Panda and Tiger it provides great opportunities and experience for them and really complements their home education. During their time they have been on various trips to train museums, fire stations, marinas and more, they have taken part in water activity days, chess competitions and football tournaments.  Not to mention the camps and the badge work we do every week during our pack meetings. 

As a parent I also think scouting provides the best value for money. If you pay for dancing you get dancing, pay for football you get football yet with Scouting you pay your subs and get such a wise variety of activities the kids get to try all sorts including archery, climbing, go karting and much much more.  We wouldn’t be without scouting in our lives. 



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