The land of the Bard

We had a few days away in Stratford-upon-Avon last week. We had never been before but we will definitely be heading back!  A few days filled with history, literature, a beautiful town and not to mention rain, hail and snow!

We stayed at a lovely campsite in a hobbit hut; pandas choice as he loves the books. It was lovely though in reality little more than a glorified garden shed!

We enjoyed a walked down the river Avon. Taking in some wonderful sights, lots of wildlife and some amazing houses. We saw swans and geese nesting, a heron looking for dinner and orange tip butterflies.

The town is lovely to walk around. We grabbed a couple of caches whilst here and the boys enjoyed naming the countries from the flags down the Main Street.

We visited some of Shakespeare’s spots. Including his grave, Anne Hathaways house and Mary Ardens farm. We enjoyed them all but would recommend the farm the most.  We managed to speak to people about farming in Tudor times, played Tudor games such as 9 men’s Morris and following the clues in the green man trail.   We aim to go back at the end of may for the shearing festival.

We also visited Tudor World which was good fun.   You got to walk round and see the sights and smells of Tudor England. We ‘met’ Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Sir Francis drake. We got to write will quill and ink and try out some Tudor costumes.

All in all a great time, we learnt lots and had some really important time together as a family. Would definitely recommend a visit.



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