A mucky child is…

A happy child. Or so my very wise Grum says, and she should know; she had 8!

Only nowadays people seem afraid to let their kids get mucky.  They have to be picture perfect at all occasions. Wet wipes are at the ready if food is consumed and many a time I have seen the parent stand by getting ever more anxious about art activities at groups.

My children, Tiger in particular, are ecstatic with life if the saying is true. He is always filthy covered in food, grass stains, paint, pen, mud and today’s very special option charcoal ash from a fire!!

Do I let it worry me? No. Does it bother him? Definitely not. He washes, his clothes mostly come clean (though most trousers have holes in the knees).  I would rather they play outside, do gardening, paint, cook and do all the things that make childhood fun and their education interesting than have pristine children.

The National Trust runs a campaign to get children out and about called “50 Things to Do Before You’re 11 3/4”. I am pleased to say that though Panda and Tiger are only 6 & 9 there’re only 8 things they haven’t tried from the list.  So choose one, give it a go and let them get mucky!!


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