All aboard!

Last weekend, we took a trip to the National Railway Museum in York. We had a great time seeing all the trains and learning all about them.

At the end of the day, as inevitably happens with children, we ended up in the gift shop. There was some lovely things for sale, many very expensive but there were things in a lower price bracket for a treat.

Panda chose a hat that said engine driver on it and a great western railway pin badge. Tiger chose a ticket inspector badge, whistle, ticket counter and red flag so we are nicely equiped for some lovely role play.

We also bought a game for us all to enjoy. It comes in a lovely small box that doubles as the board. It was £8 but I really liked the idea of it so we got it and I’m glad we did the boys love it and so do I!

Your counter has to travel up and down the country on the rail networks to visit certain places. There are hazards along the way and you have to watch for the signals.

We spent an hour playing two games (of which I won both). You win by visiting four places of interest and returning to London first. The places are all on cards that you are randomly dealt. They each give information about the place they are. 

The hazard cards give information about the history of railways and places. All in all a fantastic game. Covers maths, history, geography, English and turn taking. Best of all it was good fun!!


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