Questioning your decisions

I don’t know if it’s just our family, or if this is par for the course for families who opt for the unstructured root, but I often find myself questioning whether this is the right route for our children. Maybe it’s because we’re still only 16 months into home ed. I don’t know.

But it can be easy to wonder if there is “enough” learning going on when you formal sit-down work happens rarely (as an ex-teacher, I struggle with this aspect, even though I know the value of learning is not in the written work produced and even though I see my children are learning in all kinds of situations). Sometimes I wonder if it’s the right path when the choices made are for TV or computer games and I want to shout “but what about maths? What about science? Why don’t you read a book?”.

And then there are days when your son, with a completely free choice of what to do, opts for this.


Bean designed and made me a wooden incense holder in his Dad’s wood workshop a little while ago. He’s now working on producing more, as well as some other small designs that he can sell. So he opted to leabe behind the computer games, the TV, football and join his Dad in the workshop so he could get on with his work.

And it’s times like this that make me tell myself to take a chill pill – things are going well, and he does plenty of learning (including maths, science and reading!)


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