Grow your own

We have acquired an allotment. It is big. It is very overgrown. It will take a lot of hard work to make it a wonderful growing space. But hard work is exactly what this small group of home educators is willing to put in!

We decided that we would like to teach our children (and maybe ourselves too) all about growing your own food.  Both children and adults are looking forward to the results but now we have to dig.


This was our second week there. Last week we thought about what we would like to grow and the children made lists.  This week we focused on digging over an area that we could start planting. The children were most fascinated by the worms.

home education,,  grow your own grow #

They also enjoyed collecting stones. We are hoping that some of them will make labels for our seeds, watch this space.  The were also strange things in that soil.


We got quite a bit achieved today though for some the hard work of digging was too much and the tree called to be climbed.

Watch this space for the developing allotment. We probably won’t win any prizes (this year) but if we all have fun in the great outdoors and manage to produce some food then we will be winners.


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