What Happens When They’re Poorly?

Plum has been poorly the last couple of days. It began with a night of vomiting, followed by a day of lethargy and no eating. A very, very long night’s sleep followed, and then there was another day of lethargy. Plans were rearranged and we planned for a duvet day.

In fact, what happened was that she spent the morning feeling very sorry for herself and needing lots of cuddles. We watched a film, until she needed a rest from that. She managed a mouse-sized lunch and then she wanted to play the “Mmmm Game”, so called because the first letter learnt on Reading Eggs is M. She’s called it the Mmmm Game since she was 2. So we played it, taking little baby steps, but she managed twelve exercises and an end of map quiz, for which she earned a gold medal. That was enough for today, but it had raised her spirits and she was proud that she’d read a few sentences.


After another mouse-sized snack, she wanted to do some planting, and so we got out the Strawberry Kit she was giveb for her birthday. She and Bean tried to guess what the seeds would like and decided, based on the intructions to plant six individual seeds, that they must be quite big. So when we poured them out, they were surprised at how tiny they were, until I reminded them that they see the seeds every time they eat a strawberry 😉

2015-03-26 15.54.55

Planting done (the idea of six individual seeds abandoned!), it was time for some TV and then some pretending to be a crab, penguin, cat, and tired out again, she watched the astrology on CBeebies before bed.

2015-03-26 15.55.02


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