Plan for little do a lot 

When we first started our home ed journey I thought I had to create school at home. I guess I hadn’t read as much or done as much research as I would like to think I had. All my evenings were spent planning and the days spent implementing plans. Sure we still worked around the boys interests but I did the planning.

I made sure there was everything covered;

  1. English /
  2. Science /
  3. Maths /
  4. History /

You get the picture.  This went on for a couple of months before the boys and I reached breaking point and a realisation dawned.

Hadn’t we taken them out of school so they could learn their way? So we could spend more time together? Have fun? Discover the world of knowledge together?  Yes, yes, yes and yes. We needed to change the way we learnt to achieve this and so we did.

I regained my evenings which I now use for work and we are more connected during the day. Because we don’t plan we have to be more aware of what we are doing.   I have to be more present for the boys and more on my toes to help them achieve what they want. It has to be said it’s been fun.

Like the day we spent the whole day planning and throwing a party for the plastic animals including designing invites on the computer, baking and decorating a cake, making bunting, planning games and of course the fun of the party itself.

Or the day they wanted to make flag cookies. That involved researching recipes, deciding how to make flag, researching flags, figuring out which ones we could make with the topping we had and of course baking!!

There are days when it’s woodwork or art or walking in the woods. Today Tiger is being a spy after watching spy kids yesterday and Panda is using some hollow bamboo sticks gramps cut from his garden to make panpipes and penny whistles as soon as we learn how to tie the pipe together.

We also signed up to some online learning platforms. Sometimes they are used often, sometimes hardly at all but they are there if the boys want to do it. I have put links below.



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