Amazing experiences

So you all know Friday was the amazing experience of the solar eclipse.  I saw so many posts and articles about schools not letting children watch for health and safety reasons and parents not being able to share this experience with their children. I made me feel blessed to share this with my boys.

We went to the local museum in Retford to share the experience with a gentlemen from the local astronomy society. He was very enthusiastic and informative.

We had the chance to try out the special eclipse glasses and that was just amazing. Panda was confused at first, he thought he couldn’t see the sun, he thought it was the moon. I explained that it was the sun and the moon he could see but because the glasses cut out all the rays of the sun and the moon going across it made it crescent shaped it appeared like the moon. He was amazed by this.

We also had chance to try the pinhole method and the coulinder method both of which worked projecting the image into a whiteboard. The bucket of water didn’t work. 

The man also used his telescope to project the eclipse onto a piece of white paper. This had an amazing effect.  Obviously you couldn’t look through the telescope  but by pointing it at the sun and then holding the paper up by the eyepiece and focusing it.

We noticed that during the peak of the eclipse (about 96%) where we were it got a lot colder and all the birds went quiet, it was just like sunset.

We were lucky that it stayed nice and clear to see the eclipse with the clouds just rolling in at the end. The boys then worked out how old they would be when we next get a full solar eclipse in our  country. Panda will be 85, Tiger will be 82  and at 109 I probably won’t be around!!


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