Walk, Forage & Woodwork…

Days like this are just the beginning of the world of home education.

We started out by inviting over our Thursday science gang. Of course, in this science gang, fish & chip lunch has become a regular occurrence too haha! So, after some overindulging in lots of yummy chips whilst sat out in the garden, we decided it was time to head off into Sherwood Forest with the children…

We always like to tie in taking the dog out with education in some way. Today, our first aim was to do den building at our favourite ‘spot’ in the forest…

The children had an absolute blast building their den, and creating wands and such… Watching their imaginations work is wonderful…

Meanwhile the dog decided he was off to Australia….

They spent a good amount of time kicking off steam here, but then it was time for more walking and trying to forage for bits and bobs for our project of the day…


Yes, it was minibeast investigations last week, so this week it was decided we would get the children to build their own bug hotels.

The children collected moss, bark, sticks, pine cones and so on.

 When we got back from our walk, we went onto the garden and set out what was needed for each child’s bug hotel… Then we took to the woodwork part of the day… This was interesting for the children and grown ups alike haha!

After a little frustration (a little more perhaps from the parents) and determination, the bug hotels were built, and then it was up to the children to decorate them with whatever they fancied from our collection from the forest.

So, we managed to tie in lots of education, lots of fresh air and lots of fun… Oh and chips!

If I can recommend something that is limitless in its education, it is the outdoor world… Children and adults, it is something that is constantly teaching…

L xxx


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