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When we took our 5 year old out of school 6 months ago, we couldn’t get her to sit and have a book anywhere near her, let alone get her to read! Now, my amazing, little lady is on the GOLD book band (using the book banding system used in school), and not only that, she ENJOYS reading, and regularly requests we sit and read lots of books!

I figured, since I had been through this sort of fight to help my daughter with her reading, coming from a point of particular distress to her, that perhaps letting readers know what we did that helped may prove useful to them…

One of the first things we did on the journey to help our daughter was to try and bring in some sort of fun and game aspect to the table… Enter, Reading Eggs!

This amazing, online and completely interactive site uses games to teach reading and spelling! Aimed at ages 3-13 (reading eggs 3-7 reading eggspress 7-13).

The children have their own account, and they gradually work their way through maps and collect eggs from each activity. They have an avatar they can change, and a house they can visit, though, to be honest, my daughter never bothered with that bit!!

Another bonus of this wonderful site, is that they will do a home education discount. You just need to contact them. All this as well as a free trial, what are you waiting for?!


Next on the list of helpful tips? Reading Chest!

A great book rental service! This company work with the Oxford Reading Tree, book bands, and send out all similar coloured band books… You are completely in charge of when your child progresses or incase they need to take a step back. The children receive certificates for achievements, and my daughters personal favourite part? The envelopes are always addressed to her!

…and for an idea of cost.


Of course, a very, very important tip that I would give to ANYONE with children… YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY!

Believe me, the library is your best friend. It’s free, to join, it’s free to visit, it’s free to borrow books. If you’re lucky like us, there’s also a great children’s play area in the library too! We just so happen to go to a Home Ed family meet up at our library every week, and I absolutely love it, as does N…

The library really is a fun place to her, and I think if you feed your children the right information about everything they can get from the library, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t become a favourite to your child too!!


Next recommendation? … Twinkl!

In my opinion, THE best website for educational resources… Worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, reward charts, play dough Mats, colouring pages, lined paper, handwriting help, phonics help, numeracy, literacy, curriculum, lap books… EVERYTHING…. Worth every, single, penny!

Rewards wise, we praised her overly at the beginning… She needed it! Now, a normal amount of praise, telling her she should be proud of herself (it’s important to me I teach her to notice and be proud of her own achievement, and to strive for her own acceptance, not someone else’s)… We have a sticker system, but to be honest she feeds best off of her own achievement, rather than gifts…

I hope this has been helpful!!

Happy Reading!

L xxx


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