‘Oh the places you’ll go’ said Dr Suess

I would like to add ‘oh the people you’ll meet’. Home ed opens up a world of people you would never have met otherwise.

You go to home ed meets and you talk to the other families and their stories can amaze you, you can learn so much. By talking to these families I have met people of other faiths who will chat to me about their beliefs which is something I find fascinating.   I have spoken to vegans and found out more about that. I have met a clown and learnt balloon modelling!

I have met people who have a love of chickens and have given the boys and I the chance to incubate some. I have met people who are passionate about making their own skin products and I can’t wait for her to teach it to me.

These new people have opened the new door for me business wise. They have encouraged me to join a company where I have some beautiful books to sell.

 I have met and spoken to woodworkers, musicians and forestry workers all willing to take time out to chat and to teach the boys.

By far the best one was a lovely gentlemen at a local craft  fair  we got chatting to about his wood. He told us so much about it and what typed of wood they were, how he worked the wood, how he polished them and everything about the pieces!  The boys and I were all fascinated. He went on to demonstrate his pyrography pen and then let the boys have a go. It was a tricky skill to develop but they enjoyed it.   He then made the most amazing offer to complete strangers who he wanted to teach his skills to. He lent us his pyrography pen!!!

I would also add ‘the places you’ll see’. We have seen behind the scenes of tesco, had tours at farms, been to a climbing wall, and generally been on more trips than I can recall!!

Basically home education has opened not only our eyes but also opened up many opportunities for us as a family. I hope we have many more amazing experiences to look forward to.


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