Tin rolling good fun!

If your children like science then I can thoroughly recommend the Crest Star Science Awards. We joined as Panda loves his science and Tiger loves to know how things work.   A couple of other families also joined and just like that we had a science group once a week. And that is how easy it is to start a home ed group!

Our tin rolling experiment involved, funnily enough, rolling tins.  The aim was to roll the tins down a ramp and see if how far they rolled was affected by the surface they rolled into.  We had various tins of different sizes and all with different contents.

Of course there was more to this than just having fun rolling the tins down a ramp!  The children communicated about which tin they thought would roll the furthest. They used maths to measure the distances the tins had rolled and they recorded all the results.

We found that the heavier the tin the further it went. The more solid the filling the further it went and the smoother the surface the further it went.  We talked gravity, momentum and friction, lots of forces!

Look out for blog posts about our other experiments.



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