A Medieval Adventure 

The stunning Conisborough Castle was the setting, Friday 27th February was the date, a wonderful group of home educated children were the adventurers.

We started off by finding out about the history of the castle itself which was built 850 years ago by Lord Hamlin.  We then looked at who would have worked in the castle then and what their jobs entailed. We worked from the king all the way down the fuedal system to the villein, which we learnt was another name for farmer.

We got to handle some wonderful artifacts and figure out what they were and how they helped the people with their jobs. Things like quills, spice boxes, drop spindles, chain mail and cruets.

After all that work it was definitely picnic time before we headed off to explore the castle.  As you can imagine after 850 years it was a little bit crumbly in parts.

We got to see the keep and climb right to the top to see the amazing views which made it easier to see enemies coming.

Tiger was fascinated by the toilets. Holes to sit over with a Shute to the bottom.   We decided we wouldn’t want the job of keeping the Shute clean!  The architecture itself was amazing.

The children then spent time reading, sketching, exploring, playing and generally enjoying themselves. A roaring success and a great day for all!


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