Our Home Ed Life


We are a family of four plus a mini zoo!  Our two gorgeous wee men have been home educated for nearly two years now. Panda is nearly 10 and Tiger is nearly 7.

Many small reasons led us to the path that is Home Education.  The school was holding our son back, our youngest did not transition well from FS2 to Y1, I missed them when they were at school, we can follow their interests at home, we can offer far more 1:1 learning than a class full of children and one teacher and the list goes on.  Basically there was no one event that led us here, just a lot of research and a feeling that this was the better fit for us.  I won’t lie to you; when we first took them out of school it was scary and I was so nervous, but now I couldn’t be more sure that this is right, that this is the best way for us.

We are very autonomous in our approach; the boys follow their interests, it goes far as they want to take it.  Sometimes that means things get left halfway through but on the whole things run and run because they are choosing their path.  We try to offer lots of different experiences and take them on lots of trips and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve for all the home ed community with The Tuesday Project.



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