“Tuesday”, wrote Mr Kipling …

Welcome to the blog for The Tuesday Project, a collection of home educating families in the East Midlands of England who come together each week for fun, educational activities, chat and coffee. Always coffee.

copyright Shereen M
copyright Shereen M

We are often asked what it’s like to home educate and it’s hard to answer – we can only tell you what it’s like for us. So we’ve got seven families from our group to write about their home education journey. Sometimes we’re together several days in a week, sometimes just once, and in between times we all have our own styles of “doing” home education. Some are new to home education, some have been educating at home for years. Some of us have some structure to our provision, others tend more towards an unschooling model.

One thing we often hear is that home educated children are missing out on socialisation. And one thing we’re confident we can show through this blog is that socialisation is absolutely, unequivocably, not a problem!



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